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A Bit About Me

You are so much more than your body

Getting in shape shouldn’t feel like a punishment. It is an amazing and empowering lifestyle choice that anyone can make. My approach to training is different because I want to get to know YOU; your body, your goals, your lifestyle. I want you to feel like YOU matter, that YOU are strong, that YOU can take up space; that YOU have a voice; that YOU are unique in your own way. 


Working together, we will develop an individualized fitness and nutrition plan that works well for you and your unique lifestyle. We will begin by finding your strengths and weaknesses and finding ways to tackle them head on in fun and sustainable ways that work for you.


I have developed my training practices by working closely with a large variety of people with varying fitness needs and goals, connecting my expertise on the human body and understanding of people to create programs that will help you reach your goals and inspire you to reach beyond them. 


I always love getting to know each client developing a relationship, tailoring each program to their needs. Watching their transformation motivates me to keep on my journey to help as many people as I can.


My Training and Coaching style is based off of three key principles I believe firmly in


  1. Exercise and Activity is a prime method of calming the mind - it’s all a mental game 

  2. Building muscle and becoming stronger is Empowering 

  3. You are so much more than just a body! You are strong, You are important, You can take up space! 


Join me on this journey to a strong body and a strong mind

Absolute Strength! 


Client Testimonials

Real Experiences, Real Strength

I met Jade a couple of years ago when she worked at a fitness studio I was attending. She immediately stood out to me because she was always motivational and pushing us to be our best. When she left to pursue other ventures I was devastated. About a year ago that same fitness studio closed and I found myself lost without my regular exercise. I immediately contacted Jade and asked if we could set up a session to meet. My girlfriend and I were looking to get into strength training and knew she was the person to go to. We were nervous to start but Jade assured us that we would feel comfortable in no time. It has been almost a year since then and she was right. We became comfortable going to the gym multiple times a week, often as one of the only women weight lifting. I cannot thank Jade enough for instilling in us that we were powerful no matter what our gender and always pushing us to lift harder and do more reps, even when we thought we couldn’t. Fitness has become such a huge part of my life. So much so, that when the gyms closed I began wondering how I would get my dose of endorphins. Once again, Jade was there to help us navigate the waters and figure out how to get just as good of a workout at home. She has changed my views of working out and I couldn’t be happier to have her as my trainer!

Erica Jackson

To put it simply, training with Jade completely changed my life. During the time I’ve trained with her, I’ve built both strength and confidence. Jade genuinely cares about each of her clients, their individual needs, and unique goals. I was always self conscious weight lifting and I remember Jade once told me, “If you feel embarrassed, I’m willing to trip and fall, that way everyone will be distracted watching me.” That’s just one example of how great she is, she’ll help you meet your fitness goals no matter what.

Mitra Haeri


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Santa Barbara CA, 93111

(707) 477-2074

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